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Smart Farm is a specialist company that provides management and advisory services to investors in the agricultural industry, within Kenya. We are a small fast growing organization chiefly involved in management and implementation of agricultural projects. We offer a range of services for the ultimate in customer satisfaction. Smart Farm is contracted to manage farming/agricultural businesses on behalf of a wide range of agricultural investors. Under contract to our clients, we develop and manage agricultural/farming assets, which include the farmland and the farming operations conducted on it. We also source for land for clients willing to purchase or lease. Our management service covers livestock, acre cropping and horticulture. Our expertise is in the management of commodity diverse agricultural enterprises. The principal behind this organization is to cater for the various needs clients have yet lack the time to source for individuals or firms that can carry out tasks satisfactorily. We also aim to offer reliable services for clients in the Diaspora who have land in Kenya but do not have the personnel to manage their farms satisfactorily and with professional expertise and qualifiable and quantifiable outcomes.

Why Us? Our company’s philosophy recognizes the need for accurate and appropriate information about our client’s projects/work to enable them to make informed decisions and for effective resource use and management. We believe in the principles of integrity, transparency, commitment and trust. We have proven experience in livestock rearing, crop production: ranging from rice growing in Mwea, water melons, capsicums, tomatoes among other horticultural and foods crops. In addition, we carry out greenhouse and organic farming projects for interested clients.

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We have a management team that carries out client’s projects and a database of reliable professional consultants we can call upon to work on our clients’ needs. We work with several affiliate organizations so as to give the best results. However we believe in a hands on approach, thus even when we work with consultants, a member of the management team oversees the end product or deliverables. At Smart Farm we believe in working small and smart to ensure accountability. Client satisfaction is key. We work with an experienced and goal oriented team of individual consultants with strong educational backgrounds in Crop and Animal husbandry, Construction, Biodiversity, Climate smart agriculture, Agriculture, Land Administration, Soil Science, and Project Management.

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Soil testing

We do soil testing and analysis for our clients before commencing on agriculture project and advise accordingly for a small fee.

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Farming department +254748679179 Real estate/others +254754356958 Email: info[at]

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